Youri van der Weide –  Youri is an independent open source investigator and trainer. He contributes to Quiztime, a Twitter community that seeks to spread knowledge about open source tools and techniques. His work includes investigations for the Bellingcat, the BBC and other news media outlets. He was for example working on BBC Africa Eye´s  investigation “The Anatomy of a Killing” and many other projects.


Jan Boček, – a co-founder of the data journalism department in 2012 for the news portal. Since 2014, he works in the same capacity for Czech Radio. He is interested particularly in education, health, and social topics. Jan was awarded a journalism award in 2015 for his article “Russians against Russians: Country in Undeclared Civil War.” An opendata enthusiast, Jan graduated with degrees in journalism, political science, and informatics from Masaryk University in Brno, where he currently teaches data visualization.