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Thanks to the swarm of misinformation and conspiracy theories related to the coronavirus, journalists are facing difficult challenges when it comes to reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. This course is designed for journalists, journalism students, and aspiring fact-checkers who want to learn how best to report during the current infodemic. Its integrative approach provides the opportunity to talk with experts, receive mentoring, and develop valuable skills. >>>Learn more about the online course here<<<

At this webinar you will learn the basics about solutions journalism (SJ): What it is – and what it is not? How do I know it is good solutions journalism? Why to bring SJ into your reporting practice? How to identify a potential solutions angle and turn a ‘traditional’ news piece into a solutions one? Together, we will have a look at several best practice examples from the Balkan region and make a quick analysis of a SJ story. We will also recommend useful information sources to check. After the lecture, there will be a 30 minutes slot to answer your questions. :) If you’re looking for an introduction to solutions reporting or a refresher on the four pillars of solutions journalism feel free to join us.

This webinar is strongly recommended for journalists interested the microgrant program in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo.

About the trainers:

Jeremy Druker is the executive director of Transitions and editor in chief of Transitions Online magazine, which has made solutions journalism a central part of its editorial strategy. He has led solutions journalism workshops throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He is also founder/CEO of Press Start, a crowdfunding platform that supports journalists in countries where the press cannot report freely. Jeremy is a member of the supervisory board of the Czech Journalism Prizes and has been an Ashoka Fellow since 2010.

Lucie Černá leads Transitions’ program promoting solutions journalism in Central and Eastern Europe and coordinates activities supporting solutions-oriented reporting in more than 10 countries. She has been involved in the topic since 2017. As a trainer and a mentor she helps journalists in the region to bring a solutions lens to their reporting practice. In October 2019, Lucie became a Solutions Journalism Network LEDE Fellow. Prior to joining Transitions, she worked for Ashoka and Greenpeace.

The spread of COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty across the world. Many people want to know what they can do to ensure they and their communities are safe. Solid reporting on what’s working, from rapid testing to quarantine strategies, helps provide crucial information to individuals and policymakers. If you’re a journalist looking for an introduction to solutions reporting or a refresher on the four pillars of solutions journalism this webinar is for you. We especially highlighted stories from Europe, covering responses to the pandemic. The course itself lasted for an hour, and was followed by a Q/A 30min session with our guest speaker, Mark Rice-Oxley, head of special projects at the Guardian and editor of Guardian’s SJ column, The Upside.

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Prague Media Point’s mission is to foster the media’s work for the public good by convening solution-oriented expert gatherings that bring together unique, regional perspectives and provide lasting networking experiences.

​The 2020 edition of Prague Media Point will highlight these types of inspiring examples and more. We will offer a mix of scholarly presentations, including keynote addresses; sessions with innovators explaining their solutions; and networking opportunities to promote the exchange of know-how. #PragueMediaPoint

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