Student achievement

The following are the stories written by our prior course participants and published in Transitions daily, We will select the best stories produced during the training again next year and help them reach out to international readers.


Summer Break to Revitalize Czech Protests ~ By Chip Lauterbach

Czech protests have wound down for the summer, but organizers say the break — far from being a chance for the movement to lose momentum — will re-energize the protestors, leaving them fresh to take advantage of new ammunition expected…

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Martin Demeter with some of his players. Courtesy photo.

A Sporting Chance ~ By Melanie Ritchot

A soccer team for Roma kids in the Czech town of Neratovice has boosted school attendance and given the players a wider field of play. by Melanie Ritchot Making it onto Neratovice’s soccer team for Roma youth is simultaneously easy…

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Removing the Stigma ~ By Charlie Mitchell

How can the Czech Republic have such low rates of depression and still so many suicides? by Charlie Mitchell Jan Chylik remembers well what it was like when the depression he suffered as a teenager began to worsen, yet he…

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