Student achievement

The following are the stories written by previous course participants and published in Transitions magazine and Prague Morning, a daily news site. Next year, we will again select some of the course-produced stories and help them reach international readers through our website and other media outlets.

Tourism in Prague is Almost Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels ~ By Sarah Buser, Jessica Foshee, Ellie Millikan

In Prague, the number of tourists rises every year. Local business owners and the tourist office predict this summer to be exceptional in terms of the number of visitors. Summer is in full swing, and more and more tourists are coming…

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Ukraine: A Mental Health Crisis in the Making ~ By Juliana Zappitell

Czech organizations are providing psychological help to Ukrainian refugees, but the needs are great.  Like many refugees, 39-year-old Anna Savchenko still shivers at the thought that a Russian bomb could destroy her home at any moment, even months after she…

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Diana Dalton at Karlovy Vary - Change

Czechia: Old Ties, New Tensions ~ By Diana Dalton

by Diana Dalton War has brought changes to a famed spa town, but Russian speakers still abound.  The sound of Russian fills the streets in Karlovy Vary, a western Czech spa town of about 50,000 residents. In Prague and beyond,…

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Tribute to Ukrainian Mothers Evokes Range of Opinions in Central Prague ~ By Diana Dalton and Caroline Mueller

A Czech artist has created a ghastly sculpture hanging between two buildings over Dlouhá Street featuring a woman’s form adorned in a traditional Ukrainian headdress that became a symbol of resistance during Ukraine’s  2014 Maidan Revolution. Veronika Psotkova’s wrought wire…

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Wrecked Russian Tanks In Prague Spark Curiosity ~ By Juliana Zappitell and Taylor Coester

Captured Russian military equipment showcased in Prague’s Letna park drew dozens of visitors on Tuesday during the first full day of an exhibit arranged by Ukraine’s government to keep the spotlight on their fight against Moscow. The exhibit, featuring damaged…

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