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Local Cross-Border Journalism

Online workshops by Transitions and Journalismfund.eu

Date: September 7, 2022 – February 28, 2023
Location: Online

We are happy to announce that we have the dates and topics for our workshops that we will hold for our project “Cross-Border Local: Fostering cross-border local investigative journalism in Europe.”

The topics were carefully selected based on a needs assessment carried out over the past few weeks. We are currently gathering a team of experts to lead the events and planning an engaging format so you can make the most out of this experience.

Eligible countries: all the countries from the EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia, and Tunisia.

If you’re interested in learning about the topic but don’t fit into our eligibility criteria, don’t worry. In the following months, we’ll be releasing the standalone course series based on the workshops’ topics and those will be free and available for all.

Language: English

7 September 2022, Workshop 1 – Connecting across borders: How to develop your cross-border story ideas – with a particular focus on local journalism and how to find story ideas (registration closed!)

14 September 2022, Workshop 2 – Investigative journo toolbox I: Methods and tools for data journalism with local examples. Trainer: Attila Bátorfy (registration closed!)

21 September 2022, Workshop 3 – Investigative journo toolbox II: How to investigate people in a local context using social media tools. Trainers: Attila Bátorfy and Eva Vajda (registration closed!)

28 September 2022, Workshop 4 – Best journalistic responses to disinformation and conspiracy theories. Trainer: Jaroslav Valuch (registration closed!)

5 October 2022, Workshop 5 –  How to develop your cross-border story ideas – with a particular focus on local journalism and how to find story ideas Trainer: Brigitte Alfter (registration closed!)

12 October 2022, Workshop 6 – How to report on polarizing issues without making everything worse Trainer: Nina Fasciaux (registration closed!)

19 October 2022, Workshop 7 – How to build trust with new and hard-to-reach audiences Trainer: Zoltán Sipos (registration closed!)

2 November 2022, Workshop 8 – Designing journalistic content with the reader in mind. Trainer: Jowita Radzińska (registration closed!)

23 November 2022, Workshop 9 – Exposing problems, bringing solutions. Trainers: Jeremy Druker and Meenal Thakur (registration closed!)

25 November 2022, Workshop 12 – Prebunking: how to build resilience against online misinformation. Trainer: Jon Roozenbeek (registration closed!)

30 November 2022, Workshop 10 – Going freelance: How to leverage your fan base to monetize your journalism. Trainer: Jakub Zelenka (registration closed!)

1 December 2022, Workshop 13 – How to rate media credibility to raise trust in journalism – practical methodology. Trainer: Josef Šlerka (registration closed!)

7 December 2022, Workshop 11 – A practical guide for packaging and delivering fact-checking and debunking content to a wide audience. Trainer: Peter Georgiev (registration closed!)

14 December 2022, Workshop 14 – A journalists’ guide to Tiktok – Tips and tricks for fighting disinformation via Tiktok.Trainer: Jan Žabka (registration closed!)

To hear more about our program, join us on the Journalism funding and training community Facebook group. The space is a platform to connect journalists interested in our project, training events, and funding opportunities! The workshops should help you to be better equipped to apply for the open funding opportunities from Journalismfund.eu.

If you are interested in future training opportunities with Transitions follow as at @TransitionsMag on Twitter, sign up to the newsletter or email education@tol.org.