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Local Cross-Border Journalism

New online workshops by Transitions and Journalismfund.eu

Date: September 7, 2022 – September 28, 2022
Location: Online

We are happy to announce that we have the dates and topics for the first 4 workshops that we will hold for our project “Cross-Border Local: Fostering cross-border local investigative journalism in Europe.”

The topics were carefully selected based on a needs assessment carried out over the past few weeks. We are currently gathering a team of experts to lead the events and planning an engaging format so you can make the most out of this experience.

Language: English

7 September 2022, Workshop 1 – Best practices in cross-border investigations (register now!)

14 September 2022, Workshop 2 – Investigative journo toolbox I: Methods and tools for data journalism with local examples (registrations will be open soon)

21 September 2022, Workshop 3 – Investigative journo toolbox II: How to investigate people in a local context using social media tools (registrations will be open soon)

28 September 2022, Workshop 4 – Best journalistic responses to disinformation and conspiracy theories (registrations will be open soon)

These are only the first workshops of a 10-part series so additional events are soon to come. To hear more about our program, join us on the Journalism funding and training community Facebook group. The space is a platform to connect journalists interested in our project, training events, and funding opportunities! The workshops should help you to be better equipped to apply for the open funding opportunities from Journalismfund.eu.

You can also check out the Sustainability and Media Management Programme by our project partners at SSE Riga. This initiative is aimed at investigative reporters, especially those working in managerial positions. The training for all 4 modules is free of change and accommodation and travel costs are covered by the project. The deadline to apply is 24 July, so do not miss it!

Finally, we are also offering mentoring from top experts on local, cross-border journalism. So if you are struggling in a specific area, we will find a mentor to help! If you are interested, fill out the mentoring request form.

If you are interested in future training opportunities with Transitions follow as at @TransitionsMag on Twitter, sign up to the newsletter or email education@tol.org.