social media in a box course

Social Media in a Box

A lot has been said about social media and modern communication technology: how they change our lives, how they cause revolutions, how they make our lives better or worse.

Indeed, active citizens can use social media to communicate more effectively. The question is, how to best leverage the time we need to spend on doing the actual work and the time allocated to social media communication? What tools and methods are the best for you individually? Where should you invest your time, resources and energy and what is a waste of time? It is not just about Facebook, the menu is much wider.

One size doesn’t fit all. Our course offers you different experience than many other courses elsewhere. Along with providing instruction on key topics related to the use of social media in civil society initiatives, this initial course is very much a structured guide that will direct you to other relevant links and resources.

By the end of the opening course:

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