Foreign Correspondent Training Course

International Storytelling Course

Date: July 10, 2016 – July 18, 2016
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

This course provided instant credibility, with students’ first published pieces of “international storytelling” – whether their dreams were to work as a journalist parachuting into foreign lands, or as an activist, advocating issues from the world of international development.

This was a new, cutting-edge course, from which students earned the one thing many lack when trying to enter a new profession: credibility. As in, Can you do the job?

Indeed, this course uniquely blended the traditional field of Foreign Correspondence with the fastest-growing industry in International Storytelling: Communications for Development. C4D uses similar strategies and techniques of the foreign correspondent, to produce “Impact Stories” that spotlight global health, human-rights, environmental and other meaningful work done by governmental and non-governmental organizations.

So, TOL brought together two categories of participants: students and professionals passionate for International Journalism, with students and professionals passionate for International Development – to help students produce a story about either. (Or both!)

This course was a great investment for students looking for an internship, assignment or a new job.