Tales of Transition

Tales of Transition

Date: June 15, 2014 — July 15, 2014
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Social Movements. Uprisings. Revolutions. Challenges. Transitions. What’s next?

Picture it: 1989, after nearly 30 years of separation, Berlin’s streets are beckoning for change — lasting change. Leaders across the region are cornered by citizens demanding a new direction. Slowly, fresh ideals and hopes surface, regimes crumble, new ones emerge, and people are left wanting more.

This winter TOL will hold a special one-month course, where participants will critically examine and document this milestone anniversary, 25 years of post-communist transition in Europe.

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“This course was much more than getting some additional knowledge in a lovely city. I discovered great people, passionate about their work and willing to share their passion with others.”
~ Radu, Foreign Correspondent Training Alumnus

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